Mailing lists and remote support

The BID programme includes several mechanisms for the members of its community to interact online. We encourage the use of the BID community mailing list described below so that grantees can share and learn with each other, supported by BID mentors and GBIF Secretariat staff when and as needed.

BID community mailing list

The BID community mailing list is the best place to connect with other members of the community. Post your questions, suggestions, plans... and check what the others are doing and identify common interests.

Other remote support mechanisms

The mailing lists may not be the best channel for addressing complicated issues, but other easy-to-use, remote collaboration mechanisms include:

  • Direct conference calls, screen sharing or text chat, such as provided by tools like Skype or Google Hangouts), can help community members answer questions and direct each other to available information and resources, whether through one another or through mentors.
  • Remote server access can enable those with sufficient technical expertise to troubleshoot and offer support
  • Simple email exchange of files can often provide:
    -- Hands-on support for data management and publishing issues, including checking the quality of datasets, whether published or unpublished
    -- Feedback on plans, agendas or resources for training activities organized by project teams
    -- Pre-submission review of grantees' draft mid-term and final narrative reports
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