Call for proposals

Sub-Saharan Africa, 2015

Note: This call is now closed | view selected projects

The deadline for submitting initial concept notes from sub-Saharan Africa was 20 November 2015. GBIF and its evaluation panel invited a selected number of applicants to submit full proposals in February 2016 and expect to announce project selections in April 2016.

This call supports projects from sub-Saharan Africa that:

  • Mobilize biodiversity data relating to protected areas, threatened species, and invasive alien species
  • Use and extend best practices for digitizing natural history collections and mobilizing other biodiversity data
  • Apply biodiversity data in support of decision-making and research
  • Develop lasting national, regional or thematic networks to support ongoing data sharing and reuse

The call offers support for three grant types

A second and final call for proposals to support countries in sub-Saharan Africa is planned for 2017.

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