BID capacity enhancement workshops

Regional workshops play a central role in BID toward enhancing the capacity of project leads and their teams. The events also present opportunities for representatives of different projects to establish connections with each other and with programme mentors and trainers.

GBIF will work with local partners to host workshops in each region at the start and mid-term of project implementation. The local partners will oversee event organization with co-funding from BID and logistical support from the GBIF Secretariat and other partners.

How to participate in BID workshops

Only project representatives and mentors are eligible to participate in BID-funded workshops. The GBIF Secretariat will ask project teams for nominations to select participants for each workshop.

Join the programme as a mentor or contact the leader of your project team to explore opportunities to participate in the next BID workshop.

Upcoming workshops

  • Biodiversity data mobilization workshop for Sub-Saharan Africa
    TBA – December 2017

Other training opportunities

Many of the BID-funded projects have plans to organize national and regional training events and might be seeking trainers or open for additional participants. Subscribe to the BID mailing list to receive updates on upcoming opportunities.

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This programme is funded by the European Union.