Hosting data from BID projects: A quick guide


An essential part of all BID projects is to ensure that the data you generate becomes openly accessible through and, potentially, other online platforms. We know that this process is challenging for many institutions, especially for those who are new to GBIF and do not have the facilities to host data on a server that is always online.

BID grantees preparing to share data should review the documentation about data hosting on, particularly the distinction between data publishing and data hosting. While the two activities are connected, they can be handled by different institutions.

BID grantees should be aware that the GBIF Secretariat maintains a cloud-hosted BID IPT, which uses shared hardware, software and storage services to host data from BID-funded projects. Users of the service receive a robust, no-cost data hosting solution that is easy to migrate to a self-hosted installation in the future.

However, national nodes and data hosting centres are likely to provide more hands-on service and assistance with data publishing and quality control aspects. As a result, BID projects should normally use the BID cloud-hosted IPT only if they are unable to find a satisfactory solution among the other hosting options.

If, after reviewing these materials, you remain unable to work out a suitable approach to data hosting, please send a message to BID community list explaining your requirements. We are very committed to seeing you publish your datasets!

Terms of Use

The use of an external data host by a data publisher should be negotiated between the respective parties, ideally with a service-level agreement that outlines the terms and obligations for both the data publisher and the data host. The use of the BID cloud-hosted IPT will be governed by the GBIF Data Publisher Agreement.

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